bed bug bounty

A sign previously hung in the Crowne Plaza LAX's housekeeping department describing the hotel's bedbug "Reward Policy" stating that housekeepers would earn $100 for finding "one or various bed bugs in a room before the guest and the inspection of activity in the room results in a 'positive.'"

wanted bed bugs
$100 bounty for crowne plaza employees only

But now the sign is gone, and housekeepers are asking if the policy has gone with it. And if the policy is still in effect, how are new employees supposed to learn about it?

Alma Mazariegos, a housekeeper at the Crowne Plaza LAX, has supplemented her income with the bedbug bounty on two occasions. In November 2014, she found a bedbug in a room that had been previously treated for bed bugs. Management told her the bedbug did not qualify for the reward because it was dead. As her fortune would have it, Ms. Mazariegos found a live bedbug in the same room the next day, and got her $100 reward. In September 2015, she got another $100 bounty.

Without a union, Crowne Plaza LAX housekeepers have had no voice in shaping significant employment policies, like the hotel,s bedbug policy. Now, they are finding they have no voice in whether the policy is still in effect.